Please bring the following to your appointment.

1.  Driving licence or passport

2.  Your driving glasses (do not wear contact lenses as these will have to be removed for the eye exam) and your prescription for lenses.

3.  A urine sample (in a clean, closed container)

4.  A list of all your current medication

5.  Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you.

6.  The payment; cash or card payments are accepted.

7.  Taxi Medical Only – Medical records summary

8.  Taxi Medical Only – Application form from local authority

The doctor will work his way through the assessment form which involves asking questions and undertaking an examination. This will include:

  • Tests on vision: with and without glasses if applicable
  • Check your BP
  •  Test your urine for Diabetes
  •  Take your blood pressure
  •  List on the D4 Form any medication you’re currently taking
  •  Ask about your previous medical history (these questions are on the form and are compulsory).

A taxi / D4 medical usually takes approximately 15 minutes but we give 20 minutes for each appointment to make sure we are not rushed.

Yes, it does. If you wear glasses please bring them to the assessment along with your prescription. The eye test is included in the price of £48.

We can normally get you an appointment the same week. We have clinics running 6 days per week, we have morning, afternoon as well as evening appointments on weekdays as well as weekends.

A receipt is issued following payment.

Yes, the medical is valid for 16 weeks following the medical so you have 4 months to pass your test before the medical certificate expires.

Yes you can but please give as much notice as possible and we can always reschedule your appointment with us.

You will need a D4 when first applying for a group 2 license, then every 5 years form the ages of 45-65 and then annually form the age of 65.

It really depends on the medical problem and the way in which it effects you. The common medical problems which are relevant are heart disease, particularly if you have needed bypass surgery, diabetes if you require insulin, epilepsy, suffered a recent stroke, high uncontrolled blood pressure and poor eyesight are all medical problems which may effect your ability to drive. If you do have any of these it does not necessarily mean you will automatically fail though. The doctor at your appointment will be able to make the necessary assessment which will help decide if you meet the category 2 standards for medical fitness to drive.

If you develop a new medical condition and you think it may have some effect on you driving then you should make contact with DVLA and inform them personally.

We provide copies of the D4 medical form so there is no need for you to bring one. If you want to get a start with filling out the form prior to your appointment you can download a form by clicking below.